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Destrooper-Olivier is founded by Luc Destrooper & his wife Christiane Olivier.
11.000m² of space is bought in Oostkamp (Ruddervoorde).
Fase 1: 1.200m² is built from April ’86, first deliveries from September ‘86.
Traditional recipies are finetuned to classic and homemade premium D&O recipes in cooperation with several Master bakers.
Fase 2: The factory is expanded to 2.400m²
Start Private Label activities
25.000m² extra company terrains are bought.
Fase 3: Factory is again expanded by 4.800m² to 7.200m²
Introduction of biscuits with chocolate flavour.
Fase 4 : Expantion with 4.700m² to 11.900m² factory space incl. bureaus
1998 tot 2012
Because of a permanent focus to internationalization and Private Label, there is production in 3 shifts with the following:
  • 8 wafel ovens
  • 4 steel band ovens
  • 6 chocolate lines
  • Several multifunctional automated packaging lines
Luc's son Bert Destrooper joins the D&O-team
An impressive investment program should lead to a more modern en more performant production.
The company gets a new "visual" identity en the international sales are restructured. 
Almond bread with chocolate gets the prestigious 'Crystal taste Award 2017'.
Almond bread with ginger-orange gets the prestigious 'Superior taste Award 2017'.