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Our story

A love for making biscuits is in our genes!

Destrooper-Olivier was established in 1986 by the Luc Destrooper and Christiane Olivier. To this day, it is still a thriving family business. With Bert Destrooper at the helm, the second generation sees to our international growth!

Not only do we make biscuits under our own 'Belgian Butters' brand, but we also specialise in the production of private labels for large department store brands, and this at a global level. With us, supermarkets and store chains looking to develop their own brands can be sure of having knocked on the right door.

Traditional and old-style recipes

Authenticity and tradition are the values of “Belgian Butters” by Destrooper-Olivier. The highest quality is our top priority. Our doughs are prepared according to authentic recipes. What is more, the dough is made in the traditional way, giving it the taste you love.

We listen to and engage with our customers

Destrooper-Olivier strives for long-term cooperation with its customers. Our professional approach and inspiration in the development of new products make “Belgian Butters” a sound partner. Through our creativity, flexibility and the excellent cooperation with customers and suppliers, we contribute to economically and ecologically responsible entrepreneurship. Our efforts result in unique products that make a difference in the market.

Food safety and quality guaranteed

Our secret is not just good recipes, but also the quality of our products. In 2015, as in previous years, we were again awarded the International Food Safety (IFS) and British Retail Consortium (BRC) certificates. These certificates are proof that we score highly in the areas of hygiene, quality, traceability and food safety. Our products meet the highest standards and stringent requirements set by the food industry. We guarantee you top quality!

The result of our hard work: the ‘3 Gold Stars Superior Taste Award’

Have you tasted our award-winning almond thins yet? We have given our popular almond biscuits a makeover and they are now also available with a layer of chocolate. The new biscuit was honoured with the '3 Gold Stars Superior Taste Award'. The award was given by 'The International Touch and Quality Institute'. A select team of European Michelin chefs from more than 15 different countries gave our biscuits an exceptional score of 92,4% (Chocolate Almond Thins) and 91,6% Ginger Orange Almond Thins.

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