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Press release of the ‘3 Gold Star Superior Awards’


Our Maître Patissier added high quality Belgian chocolate to the bestselling traditional Almond Thins. This subtle touch made the tasting experience even more sensational, creating a perfect marriage between sweet & salt. A real taste bomb that explodes in the mouth.

This new item was rewarded with a 3 Gold Star Superior Taste Award issued by the International Taste & Quality Institute. Their independent team of Michelin Star Chefs, based over more than 15 European countries, rated this Biscuit with an overall 93,7 % mark.

June 2016

Almond thins with chocolate
Our Almond thins with chocolate were again awarded with a 3 Gold Star Superior Taste Award. We are very happy that we are able to present this superior biscuit taste to our customers again.

Almond thins Ginger Orange
For the very first time our Almond thins with Ginger Orange were awarded with 3 Gold Star Superior Taste Award. The overall taste was rated with 94 % which is an exceptional result which makes us proud to present.