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Belgian quality
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Our Bisuits

We are known for our wide range of high-quality premium biscuits. With passion, love and care we use the best natural ingredients such as butter, almonds, cream and real "Belgian Chocolate".

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Private label

It is a great honor for us that our partners wish associate their brand to our biscuits. Together we look for the ideal concept. The flexible conditions and our professional design team makes from your design a star.

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Belgian Quality

“Belgian Butters”, the biscuits with the highest quality “Made in Belgium”, made with love and expertise and with the best ingredients such as real butter, cream, fruit and real “Belgian chocolate”.


We do not only watch over the recepy of our products, we also pay attention to the quality. Year after year, we obtain the IFS certificate (International Food Safety) and the BRC certificate (British Retail Consortium). These certificates are proof that we score well in terms of hygiene, quality, traceability and food safety. Our products meets the highest standards and strictest requirements imposed on us by the food industry. We guarantee you top quality!

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Finest Waffle Crisps
Fine, crispy waffle with delicious butter that melts in your mouth…
Fine Almond Thins
Delicious fine biscuit with almond shavings with a surprisingly full taste
Chocolate Butter Biscuits
Crispy cinnamon biscuit with a delicious layer of real Belgian chocolate
Chocolate Patisserie Waffles
Vanilla butter waffle with real Belgian Chocolate
Finest Patisserie Waffles
An airy vanilla butter waffles that everyone likes
Cinnamon Waffle
Our airy butter waffle with cinnamon flavor
Sweet Lemon Waffle
Our airy butter waffle with a taste of lemon
Delicious Cinnamon Thins
This extra fine biscuit with butter and cinnamon simply melts away on your tongue
Almond Thins with Ginger Orange
Delicious fine biscuit with almond shavings and surprisingly full taste of ginger and orange
Cocoa Almond Thins with Chocolate chunks
Delicious fine biscuit with almond shavings and a surprisingly full taste of dark chocolate
Almond Thins with Cranberry
Delicious fine biscuit with almond shavings and surprisingly full taste of cranberries
Almond Thins with Chocolate
Delicious fine biscuit with almond shavings and a Belgian milk chocolate base
Rice Crunch Biscuit
A light crispy biscuit with puffed rice covered with delicious Belgian dark chocolate
Golden Delight
Delicious butter biscuit
Mini Chocolate Speculoos Biscuits
Spicy biscuit with a touch of cocoa and cinnamon, topped with a delicious layer of Belgian milk Chocolate
Mini Waffle Crisps
The small version of our finest butter waffles

Our story

The love for baking biscuits is in our genes…

Not only do we make biscuits under our own 'Belgian Butters' brand, we also specialize in the production of private labels for major department store brands, worldwide. Supermarkets and retail chains that are interested in developing their own private label have certainly came to the right address.

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Just like with our own 'Belgian Butters' label, we also monitor the quality of our private labels and ensure that the flavors are optimal. Together we look for the ideal concept. We unite the right flavors with a beautiful design, we turn your idea into a top product.


PLMA 2024

Destrooper-Olivier will also be at PLMA this year

Come visit us at and take a look at our newest products.

PLMA 2024 28 – 29 MAY
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